Rack Chassis


The rack chassis holds all SETPOINT® modules and is available in the following sizes:

  • full (16-slot)
  • half (8-slot)
  • quarter (4-slot)

All rack sizes can be mounted in a rectangular panel cutout or bulkhead mounted using the included brackets.  The 16-slot size can also be mounted on 19” EIA rails. 

16-slot and 8-slot racks can be ordered with or without a lockable door to protect all wiring and installed modules; the door is available with or without an optional 8.4” color touchscreen display.

Slot 1 in each rack is reserved for the Rack Connection Module (RCM).  Slots 2 and 3 may be used for System Access Modules (strongly recommended) or UMM/TMM modules.  Slots 4 and up can be used for UMM/TMM modules in any mix.

Please visit our downloads section for  a comprehensive list of the latest firmware and software for the SETPOINT® system and individual module types.

Part Number: VC-8000/RCK


Reference documents
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