Power Supply Housing


This housing has DIN rails on the inside to accommodate up to two power supplies for the SETPOINT® system. A hinged, lockable door* with gasket provides protection from the external environment. The housing is available in NEMA 4 painted steel and NEMA 4X stainless steel versions.

* This housing is not available with a window door.

P/N: VC-8000/PSH

Features & Benefits

  • Removable door simplifies access to internals when installing the system or performing maintenance. 
  • Curled lip around all sides adds rigidity and prevents dripping water or other liquids from entering the enclosure when the door is open.
  • Robotically poured-in-place seamless gasket ensures a complete and durable water-tight seal.
  • Highly-quality construction utilizes premium materials and continuously welded corner seams that are ground smooth.
  • Quarter-turn “T” handle with key lock ensures positive closing and restricts access to authorized personnel only.  NEMA 4X versions use stainless steel materials for handle and lock.
  • Pre-drilled hole patterns on inner panel simplify bulkhead mounting of rack and DIN-rail mounting of power supplies.  
  • Heat-fused polyester powder applied electrostatically on a pretreaded base to all enclosure surfaces3.   Helps assure maximum coating adhesion to protect base materials. 
  • Heavy-duty die-cast hinges allow door to swing a full 180 degrees for ease of access.  Door can also be fully removed without use of tools.
  • Ground strap with anti-vibration hardware is included between door and housing body to ensure all parts of the enclosure remain tied to earth ground for safety.
  • Anti-vibration flange nuts assure inner mounting plate will not vibrate loose, even when enclosure is mounted on a machine deck or other surface subject to vibration.  
  • CSA certified and UL listed to assure an enclosure that is constructed to globally recognized safety standards.

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