Display Cable


This cable assembly is used to connect the rack’s touchscreen display to the eSAM and carries all power and signals required by the touchscreen and front-panel BNC connectors. It is included as standard on all racks ordered with a display, and does not need to be ordered separately*. It is also included as standard with the MX2020/RDP remote display panel where lengths up to 120" (10 feet) are allowed. The connectors on each end are identical allowing the cable to be connected in either direction.

NOTE: Order this cable separately only when replacing a lost or damaged original. When replacing a cable for a display mounted on the rack’s door, specify the 8” length. When replacing a cable for a remote display panel, specify the length required. Cables may be ordered up to 120" (10 feet) in length, in 6" increments.

Part Number: 100410-AAA00 (AAA is length in inches)


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