BNC Breakout Cable


This cable has a single RJ45 connector on one end and is inserted into the buffered output jack on the front of a Universal Monitoring Module (UMM). The other end of the cable has four BNC connectors (one for each channel of the UMM). For ease-of-identification, each BNC connector is numbered under a clear heat-shrink label, corresponding to each UMM channel number. The cable is used when connecting the channels in a single UMM to an external device such as a portable data collector with female BNC connectors. When it is necessary to simultaneously connect channels from multiple UMMs to external instruments, use two or more breakout cables. When longer cable runs are required, simply purchase standard CAT5E cable in the desired length and use an RJ45-to-RJ45 inline connector (P/N: 94070-012).


Part Number: 100431

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NOTE: For systems with programmable BNC jacks on the SETPOINT® faceplate, this cable is not required unless simultaneous connection of more than three (3) channels at a time to an external instrument is necessary.