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Innovation is what the SETPOINT® System is all about – all while delivering the rock-solid reliability demanded by critical machinery protection.

What's so innovative about the SETPOINT® System? Just ask industry analysts Frost & Sullivan.  Our innovation allowed us to deliver better technology, better reliability, and better value – and it helped us garner Frost & Sullivan's2014 Customer Value Leadership Award where they summed things up as follows: " a market characterized by limited technology progress and development, SETPOINT’s ® bold and innovative approach to product development has produced several unique solutions, resolving the most critical challenges of its customers."

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SETPOINT® Machinery Protection System - Overview

SETPOINT® can provide custom designed systems for continuous machinery monitoring that fit your specific needs. We can assist you with every type of machine - pumps, fans, blowers, steam and gas turbines, hydro turbines, reciprocating and rotating compressors, and more.

Full API 670 compliance. Integral touchscreen display. 56 channels in just 19” of rack space. Refreshingly competitive pricing. Ultra-reliable architecture. Dual- and even triple-redundant power.  SIL-ready.  Industry-first full (including waveforms) connectivity to your PI Server.  Embedded ultra-high resolution flight recorder to capture up to one full year of condition monitoring data even without a CM server.  And of course, globally available service via our worldwide B&K Vibro network of partners and factory-direct personnel. Discover why customers all over the world are turning to the SETPOINT® machinery protection system.

An optional door and touchscreen display can be mounted such that wiring can land on the front or back of the rack, maximizing installation flexibility.  

Consult our system overview datasheet for comprehensive details regarding architecture, module types and functions, rack sizes and mounting methods, touchscreen display capabilities, configuration and maintenance software, digital communications capabilities, and much more.  Please visit our downloads section for a comprehensive list of the latest firmware and software for the SETPOINT® system and individual module types.

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Case Study with Portland General Electric

Austin Curtis, Maintenance Manager at Portland General Electric explains how SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring changed the way they source and manage their machine data using OSISoft’s PI integration

Features & Benefits

Deep experience
The SETPOINT® team possesses deep experience gained through developing and sustaining more than four generations of successive API 670-compliant machinery protection systems.  We pay attention to every detail, ensuring the system works the way you need it to work in the real world – where details matter.

Robust, rugged construction
The SETPOINT® rack chassis is constructed entirely of industrial‐grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel – every card guide, every faceplate, every rack panel. In addition to excellent RFI/EMI rejection, these materials are built to last while maintaining their good looks. The SETPOINT® system looks professional because it is professional.

Easily adaptable mounting
The SETPOINT® system’s design allows the same rack to be used in panel cutout, 19” EIA, or bulkhead mounting configurations by simply employing different rack brackets.  The chassis, backplane, and all modules remain the same. This also means that you don’t sacrifice valuable space when bulkhead mounting – unlike systems that require twice as much space for bulkhead mounting compared to rack or panel mounting.  

High quality, highspeed backplane
The SETPOINT® system uses state-of-the-art backplane connectors and high-speed design techniques to facilitate ultra‐fast data throughput and outstanding reliability.

Full color, backlit touchscreen
With the SETPOINT® system’s optional touchscreen, users have at-a-glance, real-time visibility of every channel and status in the rack on a single screen – no scrolling, no multiplexing. We worked closely with users to ensure the system’s display was intuitive, efficient, and attractive, with a rapid update time so there’s no annoying wait for the screen to refresh with current values. It’s also easy to see under all lighting conditions – including outdoors. And, because it uses resistive (not capacitive) technology, it works with fingers, gloves, and stylus.

VC-8000 SIL Certification

As of 7th August 2019, VC-8000 is now certified for use in functional safety applications up to SIL-2. Certification was granted by H-ON and our corresponding SIL certificate is available on our website. 

It is important to note that not all modules in the VC-8000 are part of the safety function. For example, the SAM is used only for Modbus communications, flight recorder, CMS streaming, and touchscreen display interface, and other purposes. It can fail or be removed from the rack entirely without impacting the safety function (hardware alarms, sensor power, protective relays, etc.). The only parts of the system that are used for functional safety are as follows:

  • Rack Connection Module (RCM)
  • Backplane in rack chassis (not shown here)
  • Universal Monitoring Module (UMM)
  • Temperature Monitoring Module (TMM)

Specific versions of hardware and firmware are used for functional safety applications.  The hardware is based on our standard RCM, UMM, and TMM hardware, but must be v2 circuit boards or later. The RCM has no firmware, but the UMM and TMM require specific firmware builds that have been evaluated for functional safety. Modules that have both the correct version of circuit boards (v2 or later) and corresponding firmware are designated as Functional Safety (FS) modules and are easily identified by the distinctive yellow faceplate rather than the black faceplates used on non-FS modules.

Q: Can FS and non-FS modules be mixed in the same rack?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the user change the firmware on FS modules, such as upgrading, the same way that they can non-FS modules?
A: No. This is prevented except by factory personnel with a special software tool. This prevents inadvertently compromising the integrity of functional safety modules.

Q: If the RCM has no firmware, why is a special version needed?
A: The yellow faceplate indicates to the user that the RCM is part of the functional safety certification. Also, only v2 circuit boards in the RCM are able to meet the B&K VIbro SIL certification requirements and this prevents customers from trying to use a “regular” RCM (which might be v1 hardware) as a spare.

Q: Does our Cybersecurity certification have anything to do with SIL?
A: No. The SAM handles all system communications (Modbus, touchscreen, embedded flight recorder, and external condition monitoring servers) and is not part of the safety function in the rack. Thus, the VC-8000’s cybersecurity certificate pertains only to that part of the rack potentially vulnerable to communications breaches: the SAM. The other parts of the rack are not vulnerable as their only “communications” with the safety system are the electromechanical relays on each RCM, UMM, and TMM. These relays are what allow the VC-8000 to transmit a shutdown signal reliably, without relying on digital communications. Relays are hardwired and convey analog alarm statuses to final control elements and other intervening parts of the safety system. SIL assures the integrity of the functional safety aspects of the system. Cybersecurity concerns itself with the parts of the system not related to functional safety. The VC-8000’s cybersecurity certification thus assures that a world-class lab has reviewed the system for potential vulnerabilities and found it to be secure.  It is worth noting that some of our competitors require an external network appliance (i.e., a hardware firewall) to achieve cybersecurity at the level of our eSTS certification. We are very pleased that our system does not require any external hardware, thus simplifying your network architecture and device management burdens.

Product Service

Our Product Service organization has deep experience, allowing us to deliver world-class service that ensures your online machinery protection and condition monitoring systems operate reliably and trouble-free. We can help you install and maintain these systems, freeing you to focus on your core business.

We can assist you with:

  • Installing, optimizing and maintaining transducer and monitoring systems to published specifications and certification requirements
  • Managing and coordinating product updates
  • Verifying transducer and monitoring system performance
  • Diagnosing and correcting product hardware/software problems
  • Managing your spare parts program for transducer and monitoring systems
  • Documenting mechanical and electrical run-out checks in the shop or on-site
  • Turnkey services to retrofit transducers and monitoring systems on machines without existing instrumentation
  • Generating, assisting, or performing third-party factory acceptance tests


The SETPOINT® System made its debut at the 2010 Texas A&M Turbo Symposium.  Since that time, it has grown in acclaim and adoption by customers around the world. The pedigree of its designers reads like a who's who of the vibration monitoring world.  Indeed, the same people that designed SETPOINT® hardware and software also designed a large portion of Bently Nevada's product portfolio including the 3300, 1900, 2201, 3701, and 3500 series monitoring systems, System 1 software, 990 transmitters, NSv probes, ADRE® data acquisition systems, and Trendmaster® monitoring systems. 

The SETPOINT® product line and its people were acquired from Roper Technologies by Brüel and Kjær Vibro in May, 2017, and the system now serves as the company's flagship offering for both machinery protection and condition monitoring applications outside of the windpower sector.  SETPOINT® products are engineered and manufactured at Brüel and Kjær Vibro's Minden, Nevada operations.  Sales and service is via Brüel and Kjær Vibro's extensive network of factory-direct and sales partner offices.