SETPOINT® CMS 1.0 Software released

Metrix Instrument Company today announced the successful installation of its new SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring Software (CMS) in two North American power plants and one refinery in June of 2013.

Randy Chitwood, Metrix Vice President, commented “We couldn’t be more pleased, the installations were done in record time, our customers are thrilled with the data quality, and overall we achieved our SETPOINT® strategic goals of simplicity, reliability and value.”


Summer of 2013 is being marked by the release of the industry’s first completely new Machinery Condition Monitoring Software SETPOINT® CMS. It is designed to help Metrix customers diagnose machinery malfunctions faster with an intuitive user interface that borrows its navigation from stock trading interfaces. It allows users to zoom in on a time of interest, selecting specific data, diagnosing the condition of your critical machinery assets. With SETPOINT® CMS system you will not have to worry about missing critical waveform, orbit and spectral vibration data. The systems’ intelligent data storage process (patent pending) will make sure your vibration data is always there without complex alarm configurations that only stores your data after the alarm occurs. When you view data you will see all of your dynamic waveform and spectrum plots. No exceptions. You will also experience an 80 millisecond trend interval the fastest in the industry. When it is critical to understand the sequence of events around a trip event, you can count on the SETPOINT® system to deliver.

SETPOINT® CMS and OSIsoft’s PI® System Historian Software

Metrix SETPOINT® CMS is designed to operate with the OSIsoft PI historian. This means that if your facility is already using the PI Historian, you can be running SETPOINT® CMS in a matter of hours not days. No additional data acquisition hardware, no new severs, no IT approvals, no changes to your existing OSIsoft PI software. SETPOINT® CMS will operate as a native application with the OSIsoft PI server. If you don’t use the PI System, no problem, our SETPOINT CMS will ship with OSIsoft technology inside and you will benefit from the world class database, historian and the security technology OSIsoft is famous for.

SETPOINT® - The Whole Machinery Condition Monitoring Solution

With the addition of the SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring Software product, Metrix is now delivering the whole condition monitoring product suite including the revolutionary SETPOINT® Digital Proximity System, the SETPOINT® Machinery Protection System and now the SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring Software to customers in over 40 countries worldwide.