And it’s a huge responsibility. Almost 20% of the world's LNG production relies on B&K VIBRO machine monitoring systems. 

Be honest with yourself; are your production assets running reliably enough with minimal downtime and low life-cycle costs? If not, you may have to re-evaluate the legacy machine condition monitoring system you are currently using. Condition monitoring technology has advanced over the years. We can help.

Since 1993, from Australia to Oman to Nigeria, we‘ve been helping improve uptime and ensure the safe and reliable supply of LNG thanks to advanced machinery protection and condition monitoring technology that makes your machinery run longer, better. Our comprehensive, plant-wide condition monitoring solution offers:

  • Monitoring all processes in LNG plants– LNG train (CO2, H2S, Hg removal, dehydration, liquefaction, N2 removal), condensate and water removal, fractionation, power generation, LNG storage and loading

  • Monitoring many types of machines – For a 6-train plant, there are typically 1860 machines monitored (150 critical machines, 750 fin-fans, 960 balance-of-plant machines)

  • Seemless data historian integration – Only our solution offers a complete integration that includes storing time waveforms in the  OSIsoft PI system. This eliminates the need for proprietary vibration monitoring servers (with their expensive maintenance fees), simplifies system architecture and provides superior cyber security. Moreover, a proprietary monitoring system often depends on the know-how of a limited number of people. Integration into OSIsoft PI ensures a much better integration of condition monitoring expertise into daily operations.

  • Designed with a holistic monitoring strategy in mind – Multiple monitoring techniques employed including process parameters and performance monitoring gives a better and more reliable overview on the health of your assets. This is complemented by robust and reliable hardware that records and stores critical data even when there is no network available.

  • Big data analysis – We can provide statistical and prognostic analysis of your data to help you make better decisions on your asset management

Our monitoring solution bundles:


Refined fault detection, data management, diagnostics and prognostic capability. Intelligent data handling techniques ensure all data are recorded during critical events. No need to connect portable equipment to monitor transient conditions like a coast-down.


Remote and onsite specialists who train operators, maintain systems and perform diagnostics/root cause analysis. We also provide customer specific requests such as statistical/AI analysis.


We have been monitoring LNG plants world-wide for decades. This includes thousands of machines from 21 liquefactions trains from both land-based and floating LNG plants. That represents almost 20% of all the installed LNG capacity (2018), 65 million tonnes per annum.

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Article on CM and AI

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Application Note

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Application Note

Download an app note on bearing problems on instrument air compressor 

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Innovative and reliable solution for the protection of critical machinery with full API 670 compliance. It features an integral touchscreen display and 56 channels in just 19” of rack space. VC-8000 is the industry first to fully connect to an OSIsoft PI server. The embedded ultra-high resolution flight recorder captures up to one full year of condition monitoring data even without a condition monitoring server.   

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SETPOINT® CMS powered by OSIsoft PI is a comprehensive online condition monitoring software solution that connects directly to the VC-8000 machinery protection system without the need for any additional intervening hardware. It provides powerful visualization tools such as timebase, orbit, full- and half-spectrum, bode, polar, air gap, shaft centerline, multi-variable trend, and other plot types specific to rotating and reciprocating machinery, allowing online condition monitoring analysis and machinery diagnostics.

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Who is Brüel & Kjær Vibro?

Brüel & Kjær Vibro is one of the leading worldwide independent supplier of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery. The comprehensive product range comprises vibration sensors (acceleration, velocity and displacement), vibration monitors, handhelds and rack-based plant-wide integrated monitoring solutions. These products plus a suite of comprehensive services fulfil the most demanding applications for machine protection, condition monitoring and performance monitoring of rotating machinery.

Based on 60+ years of experience and a world-wide sales and support network, Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s monitoring solutions have successfully reduced downtime and maintenance costs and increased machine reliability for our customers in the power generation, oil and gas and process industries world-wide.


Some of our main achievements


vibration sensors sold to satisfied customers worldwide


of the world's LNG production relies on machine monitoring systems from B&K Vibro


monitoring systems for wind turbines sold to OEM and owners/operators of wind farms worldwide

What our customers say

We have long-standing, satisfied customers around the globe and in various industries. According to our latest customer satisfaction survey conducted in July/August 2019 they don't hesitate to recommend us (NPS of 52 vs. an industry benchmark of 37).


“We are very happy with your trend analysis functionality and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Plant Operations Manager, Europe

“B&K Vibro has a very good monitoring team with highly skilled analysts. The pricing is fair in view of the service provided, and with very informative alarm reports.”

- Wind farm owner/operator, Europe

“The B&K Vibro systems and components are easy to install, commission, inspect and troubleshoot with really good technical support.”

Senior vibration specialist, Europe

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