April 2017

15,000th wind turbine monitoring system sold by Brüel & Kjær Vibro!

A recent order for wind turbine condition monitoring systems by Energias de Portugal Renewables North America (EDPR) has brought the total number of systems sold by Brüel & Kjær Vibro to over 15,000! Wind turbine coverage in the world is rapidly expanding, as we already topped 10,000 systems in 2015. EDPR, one of several owners and operators in North America using the Brüel & Kjær Vibro system, is the third largest producer of wind energy in USA with more than 2,300 wind turbines.

This 15,000 wind turbine system achievement is a direct result from a successful condition monitoring solution that includes our renowned diagnostic services, the best-in-class in the wind power industry. As the wind power industry grows each year in terms of investment, installed capacity and technology, so do the operation and maintenance requirements of the individual wind turbines. Brüel & Kjær Vibro has recognized this requirement from the beginning and remains being a major contributor in this important part of the business, ensuring reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

“We pioneered the wind turbine condition monitoring solution business from its infancy 14 years ago and we continue to evolve as the industry needs for minimizing life cycle costs of the wind turbine drive trains and maximizing production also grow” says Jeremy Erndt, Sales Manager for the Americas. “With this 15,000 wind turbine milestone, we thank again the wind farm owners and operators and the wind turbine OEMs for helping us to add value to their business.”

Every day more and more new and retrofitted wind turbines benefit from Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s condition monitoring systems and services. This tailored solution has been developed from Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s vast experience as well as from their close cooperation with customers and their service teams.