Case Study

Condition monitoring for cement kilns

Some time ago, FLSmidth came to Brüel & Kjær Vibro for help with condition monitoring their cement kilns. FLSmidth offers kiln condition monitoring as a service with 24/7 customer support. FLSmidth needed an OEM that could provide a dedicated vibration condition monitoring solution. B&K Vibro and FLSmidth put in the time to collaborate to ensure […]

Condition monitoring is modernizing traditional industries

Condition monitoring is modernizing traditional industries. And around the world, many traditional industries are facing pressure to modernize. Many countries use traditional methods to make their household and personal products. Now, the countries need to deliver products efficiently, reliably, and safely while maintaining quality. The Hongta Liaoning Tobacco company faced the same pressure with their […]

Reciprocating compressor problems solved with condition monitoring

Some time ago, Brüel & Kjær Vibro stepped in to solve reliability issues for a major US chemicals company. Before Brüel and Kjær Vibro, the chemical plant was struggling for years with reciprocating compressor problems. During that time, they suffered many faults, including catastrophic failures. These failures caused significant losses in production and high maintenance […]

Hydrocarbon Engineering – Beyond Double-Checking

You may not think about this in your day-to-day routine. However, did you know that those innocent-looking low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bags you get in your grocery store are actually created under some of the most extremely harsh operating conditions found in a petrochemical process? For instance, there is a lot of pressure. 2000 bar pressure […]

Accurate Machine Diagnostics Improved The Reliability Of Compressor Stations

Mark Hullinger, an experienced rotating engineer at Williams, worries about the aging legacy monitoring systems for his 15 compressor stations. If just one of his gas-fired engines or reciprocating compressors goes down unexpectedly, there will be severe consequences for delivering gas. Therefore, Mark’s team made an important decision to replace the obsolete systems with a […]

Unique Monitoring Strategy for the Unique Huntly Power Station

Huntly Power Station, the largest thermal power station in New Zealand, is located just outside of Auckland. Huntly is very similar to other coal and gas-burning power stations, except that the turbo-generators are mounted on a flexible steel support structure. This provides safety in case of an earthquake but makes condition monitoring challenging. Unique Challenges […]

Early Fault Detection in Petrochemical Plants

Early Fault Detection in Petrochemical Plants One of the greatest challenges in a petrochemical plant is an unplanned shutdown or outage. This often results in lost production and higher costs for many companies. Therefore, large investments in Machinery Protection Systems are often necessary to prevent unplanned downtime. This is especially true for critical assets in […]

Angarsk Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant in Russia

Optimizing Plant Performance and Adapting a Security Strategy   Faced with challenging maintenance issues, the Angarsk Nitrogen Fertilizer plant decided to adopt a unique and technologically advanced machine condition monitoring strategy at their plant in Russia. After careful deliberation, they opted for the Brüel & Kjær Vibro VC-8000 SETPOINT® system! The system is fully operational […]

VC-8000 SETPOINT CMS finds another monitoring niche in the greener environment industry

By Michael Hastings, Senior Applications Engineer Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s machine condition monitoring solutions are involved in a lot of green industrial environment projects. For example, renewable energy, green ethylene production, combined cycle energy production, and refining clean-burning fuel. It is the latter where our VC-8000 SETPOINT CMS has recently been implemented in a large […]



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