UL approval obtained for AS(A)-06x and ds82x sensor families

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Dedicated Condition Monitoring Solutions

Scalable monitoring solutions for your rotating machinery

Are you looking for an efficient way to monitor a single machine, several machines or a whole plant? Are you interested in a plant-wide monitoring solution for both cricital and balance-of-plant machinery?

Check out our monitoring system offerings with enhanced scalability and applicational flexibility.

Surveillance and Diagnostic Services

For more than 10 years, we have successfully improved lead-time to maintenance for our customers in the wind energy business.

How to make more out of a machine protection system

Interview with B&K Vibro Product Manager on plant-wide Condition Monitoring

Uptime Megazine

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Topics in this issue:

  • Gated Vibration and Rod Position Measurements
  • Monitoring Hydro Power Plants in Chile
  • Retrofit Monitoring of wind turbines in Canada
  • Upgrading existing machine protection to condition monitoring