Faults Detected

With more than 50 years in the monitoring business, we have gained solid expertise in detecting and diagnosing potential failure modes at an early stage of development for all types of machines and applications, including wind turbines.

As our monitoring strategy is primarily focused on the drive train portion of the wind turbine, most of the potential failure modes are associated with the rolling element bearings, gears and the generator.

Although the fault detection techniques for these components are not new, the means to detect these faults present challenges due to the wind turbine design and operation concept. The widely variable operating conditions coupled with non-rigid foundations, compact construction, complex gearbox and low rotating speed require an entirely different monitoring approach for wind turbines.

Important monitoring functionality that enables a wind turbine monitoring system to detect and isolate developing machine faults includes:

Typical faults that may cause severe damages and can be detected in the early stages by constant remote monitoring: