Condition monitoring for the HPI (oil & gas/petrochemical) industry

Condition monitoring for the oil and gas industry
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Whether upstream or downstream, the performance, availability and security of your machines are essential in the oil and gas industry and the petroleum-refinery field. Our condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery play a key role here.

The crucial quality advantage

  • Increase availability and performance. Do you need maximum system availability? Our systems and services are focused on this goal, for full performance of your plants.
  • Take advantage of industry expertise. As one of the pioneers in condition monitoring of machinery, we have a strong understanding of your industry. This expertise flows through to our systems, thus resulting in early fault detection and diagnostics of a full range of machine types.
  • Benefit from reliable project management. Whether for minor or major projects – with us you will always have a clearly defined point of contact. And you can be sure that your project manager is backed by a skilled team of experienced industry specialists.

Industry maintenance requirements, application solutions, monitoring strategies for individual machines and the typical monitoring system installation can be found under the referenced industries.

For more information on our large oil and gas customer base and many projects with more than 3,000 measuring points each, please refer to our project overview or contact our sales partner for your region.

Products we use for our condition monitoring solutions

  • Full-featured condition monitoring powered by the PI System™.

    Flexible, fast, reliable: Data acquisition platform for more than protection

    Integrates data from any protection system for Condition Monitoring.

    Powerful software package for secure wind turbine monitoring

    Precise acceleration, vibration speed and non-contact displacement sensors

  • Scalable solution beyond machine protection for plant-wide condition monitoring

    The 16-channel system for scalar data reporting and early fault detection

    The allrounders for machine diagnostics, balancing and condition monitoring

    High-quality accessories form the perfect complement to your monitoring solution