Get the most out of your machine data

How to extend a protection system with condition monitoring?

It can’t get easier than this!

No matter what kind of machine protection system you are using, be it a GE Bently Nevada 3500 Monitoring System, a GE Bently Nevada 3300 Monitoring System or any other brand complying to the API standard, an extension with condition monitoring is quick and easy thanks to the Condition Monitoring Interface VI-6080.

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Objects not to scale

1. Patch cable for required length to the VI-6080 Condition Monitoring Interface

2. Adaptor cable to connect to your machine protection system

3. LAN cable to connect the VI-6080 to your PC with the Compass 6000™ condition monitoring platform

Now is the time to reduce the maintenance costs for your machines!

Your protection system is a valuable investment. It continuously and automatically takes in signals from sensors on many machines and routes this data to one more machine protection systems. Each system consists of several data acquisition units that condition all the signals and …?

That’s it. If there there’s no alarm situation, nothing more will happen to the data. That is because it’s only a protection system.

This valuable and mostly unused data, however, can be put to good use! By connecting the protection system buffered outputs to the Brüel & Kjær Vibro VI-6080 Condition Monitoring Interface, all sensor data can be continuously routed to the Compass 6000™ condition monitoring platform to give much earlier fault detection than what can be achieved by the protection system. Plus it provides accurate, reliable diagnostic and analysis capability. The end result:

  • maximized plant production
  • improved machine efficiency
  • minimal downtime and
Potential savings by using a CMS vs. maintenance without CMS
Potential savings with CMS

This savings calcuation was provided by one of our customers who operate a natural gas treatment plant with several process gas compressors and pumps. The figures are based on 22 machines in total.

Over the four years the costs were monitored, savings of over 4 million € were generated by using Brüel & Kjær Vibro's Compass 6000TM condition monitoring system compared to the costs that might have been caused by an unplanned downtime or complete failure of these machines.

The maintenance costs shown here do not include production losses due to unplanned downtime. These can easily come up to more than 2 million € per day!

Ready to reduce the maintenance costs for your machines?

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Products we use for our condition monitoring solutions

  • Full-featured condition monitoring powered by the PI System™.

    Flexible, fast, reliable: Data acquisition platform for more than protection

    Integrates data from any protection system for Condition Monitoring.

    The allrounders for machine diagnostics, balancing and condition monitoring

    High-quality accessories form the perfect complement to your monitoring solution

  • Scalable solution beyond machine protection for plant-wide condition monitoring

    The 16-channel system for scalar data reporting and early fault detection

    Precise acceleration, vibration speed and non-contact displacement sensors